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Influenza Research Database


Analyze data online:

  • Sequence Alignment
  • Phylogenetic Tree
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  • Metadata-driven Comparative Analysis
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  • Swine H1 Clade Classification


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NIAID Functional Genomics



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    Human, avian and non-human mammalian surveillance data can be searched based upon location and various host characteristics for download and display on a map with bird flyway overlay. Create a report showing counts of surveillance records grouped by user-driven criteria.

    Key Highlights:

    • Human, avian and non-human mammalian
      surveillance data
    • User-driven serotype comparison
    • Display data on Google Map with flu prevalence
      color coded and bird flyways overlayed
    • View results by metadata matrix report
  • Start Analysis
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    Phylogenetic Trees

    IRD uses PhyML (Guindon and Gascuel, 2003) and offers multiple evolutionary models to infer phylogenies. Decoration options let you color tree leaves by metadata. Export image and legend, or download trees as Newick or PhyloXml files for other viewing software.

    Key Highlights:

    • Quick Tree produces an accurate topology for > 1,000 sequences. Custom Tree lets you choose an evolutionary model and parameter values.
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    • Specify metadata for the leaves (strain name, etc.)
  • landeng破解版安卓版2022 Start Search


    Visualize protein structures in 3D. Users can display sequence conservation score on a structure and highlight experimentally determined epitopes as well.

    Key Highlights:

    • Visualize protein structure in 3D
    • Display sequence conservation heat map
      on the structure
    • Highlight sequence features (epitopes, etc.)
    • Download highlighted protein structure image

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    Multiple Sequence Alignment

    Compute and visualize multiple sequence alignments together with derived consensus sequence and conservation score within the IRD. View pre-aligned sequences or perform custom alignments using the MUSCLE algorithm. Alignments can be saved to the IRD workbench or downloaded in various formats.

    Key Highlights:

    • Align multiple influenza virus sequences
    • Visualize alignments; customize alignment display
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    • Save alignment to IRD workbench
    • Build phylogenetic tree from alignment
  • Go to Workbench
    Video Tutorial Static Tutorial

    IRD Workbench

    The IRD Workbench allows users to save 'working sets' of sequences, searches and analysis results between web sessions in their own private workspace. Users can share working sets or analysis results with collaborators.

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    • Save and organize working sets of sequences,
      analysis results and search criteria
    • Visualize saved analysis results
    • Share working sets and analysis results with others
    • Upload personal sequences and combine with
      existing working sets
  • SF Overview SF Search

    Sequence Feature Variants Types (SFVT)

    A SF is a functional or structural domain of a protein, e.g. antigenic sites, enzyme catalytic centers, etc. Sequence polymorphisms within each SF are annotated as Variant Types (VT). So far, about 3,897 SFs have been defined and mapped in IRD for all the proteins of influenza A virus.

    Key Highlights:

    • Search SFs based on amino acid positions, keywords and categories
    • Detailed list of SFVTs and occurrences
    • Find stains with specified allele within a SF
    • View phylogenetic trees of SFVTs
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    • The USDA Swine Influenza Surveillance Consortium submitted 822 influenza sequences to GenBank during the quarter of October-December 2018 using the IRD sequence submission tool.

    • The landeng_landeng官网 安卓_lan灯破解版安卓版:2021-6-12 · landeng 5.0.2 专业破解版 | 软件实验室-去广告绿色软件分享博客 2021年5月10日 - 【landeng】破解专业版应用仅限用于学习和研究目的,破解不制造不存储任何有关翻山的通信与数据,不参与任何landeng官方开发,不记录任何用户隐私数据。 uploaded and published 63,006 influenza surveillance records (53,247 avian and 9,759 non-human mammalian) on the IRD website during January 2023.


A broadly protective therapeutic antibody against influenza B virus with two mechanisms of action
Chai et al isolated a human monoclonal antibody that neutralizes IBVs in vitro and protects mice against lethal challenge. The genetic diversity analysis of human HBV sequences was performed using the Sequence Variation Analysis (SNP) tool within IRD.

Emerging highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza viruses in France during winter 2015/16: phylogenetic analyses and markers for zoonotic potential
H5N1 HPAI viruses spread to Europe and to North America in 2014. Briand et al investigated the relationships between the H5 HPAI and LPAI viruses, and examined sequence variations at specific amino acid positions associated with cross-species transmission, adaptation to and virulence for humans. Molecular markers of H5 viruses were found in the Sequence Feature Variant Types component within IRD.
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